"It is wonderful to be able to keep learning something new about nature for the rest of my life!" ~ long-time volunteer


Conducting ecological research is one of the primary goals here at Jug Bay. Since our founding, volunteers have been a critical, and integral part of our research program. Natural history, wildlife population status, and environmental conditions are studied by staff naturalists and volunteers to better understand wetland ecosystems and the ecology of the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay. (print-friendly description)

Volunteers conducting lab work.Volunteers participate in a variety of ways: from seasonal projects, to year-round research, collecting field data, data entry and data analysis. You can view all of our research projects, species lists, and publications from our research homepage.

Many of our projects are "learn-as-you-go" and do not require previous experience.

Currently, we have openings for:

Mud turtle research intern, Antonio Cordero.