Plummer House


The Plummer House is a place where visitors can come to learn about a variety of ways to live more sustainably; reduce energy use, create wildlife habitat, improve water quality, and more...County Executive John Leopld and Friends of Jug Bay President Al Tucker at the dedication of the solar panels.




Solar panels - The house is powered almost entirely by the suite of panels that were installed in the spring of 2010. We are the first Anne Arundel county park to have solar.  Energy Report: the First Six Months








BayScape - The gardens around the house contain native plants, those that are indigenous to this area. They provide shelter and food for wildlife and are low maintenance because they are adapted to live in this climate.  

  The BayScape garden in early fall.







Pervious pavers - The walkway leading to the front door is made of bricks that are designed to allow water to soak through. Pervious surfaces recharge the groundwater and our aquifers when it rains; whereas impervious surfaces (such as roads and roofs) cause flash flooding and pollution of our waterways.  Permeable pavers allow the walkway to soak water through.






Rain barrels - The large white containers on the corners of the house are connected to the gutters. When it rains, the barrels fill up and store the water so we can use it during dry periods. Rain barrels also capture the dirty water running off the impervious roof and prevent it from polluting our waterways. Rain barrels capture polluted stormwater runoff from the roof.













Inside the house, there is a wireless monitor that calculates the energy being produced by the solar panels, the amount of money saved, and the amount of carbon dioxide averted from the atmosphere. We preserved the original hardwood flooring, and have desks that are made sustainably from wheat waste reclaimed after processing and pressed into boards.

Interested in how much energy your own home uses? We have a home energy audit kit available to borrow. Send us an e-mail to reserve it for a week.