Event Report: Butterflies, Birds, and Blooms; Aug 10

We had a wonderful day at the Plummer House garden.  Butterflies were abundant in both numbers and species, so we stayed in the vicinity of the garden and delighted in the show, which also included numerous insects.  A Blue Grosbeak sang repeatedly from the meadow and a striking saddleback caterpillar was found on a bush in front of the house.  Several attendees had cameras and they were very busy snapping photos.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the spectacle.  The list of butterflies observed appears below.  

Join us for our next, and final program in the series: Saturday, Sept 14; 10:00 am - noon!

Saddleback caterpillar. Sue Ricciardi photographer.

Co-Leaders:  Sue Ricciardi and Darcy Herman

Participants:  Avelino Maestas, T. R. Masino, Peter Oleson, Luuk Oleson, Tink Turner, Lizzy Gary, Russ Quinn, Sheryle Quinn, Jane Howard, Terri Estep, Beverly McDonald, Barry R. Mants

spring azure

eastern tailed-blue


common buckeye

red admiral

cabbage white

eastern tiger swallowtail (both yellow and dark)

spicebush swallowtail

zebra swallowtail

cloudless sulphur

sleepy orange

gray hairstreak

red-banded hairstreak

American lady

American copper

pearl crescent

silver-spotted skipper

crossline skipper

dun skipper

least skipper

little glassywing

Peck's skipper

Zabulon skipper

southern cloudywing



Sue Ricciardi


Saddleback caterpillar. Sue Ricciardi photographer.