Butterfly Garden Sightings

Report of Butterfly Trip at Jug Bay Plummer House, Sunday, August 19, 2012. Sixteen species were seen, with a third being tricky little skippers.

Trip leaders were Lynette Fullerton and Sue Ricciardi
Attending were Kirsten Enzinger and grandson Joe Sanders; Flora Karpowicz and her father; Dave Perry; Chris; Sue; and another lady who came with Sue.
In spite of some intermittent light shower activity, several butterflies were visiting the butterfly garden and grounds around Plummer House. The children especially enjoyed the Monarch caterpillars brought by Lynette. Flora recruited Joe to perform with her a skit that she had learned in kindergarten class, demonstrating the life of a butterfly. Participants were given handouts containing lists of nectar and host plants for attracting butterflies. The butterflies observed were:
Spicebush Swallowtail
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Cabbage White
Sleepy Orange
Cloudless Sulphur
Eastern Tailed-Blue
Pearl Crescent
lady sp.
Common Buckeye
Swarthy Skipper
Least Skipper
Fiery Skipper
Dun Skipper
Zabulon Skipper
Also, there were several Black Swallowtail caterpillars feasting on fennel in the butterfly garden. Also observed were the moths Snowberry Clearwing and Ailanthus Webworm, and a Crab Spider eating a moth.

9/6/12 Update: science writer and butterfly enthusiast Rick Borchelt spent a few hours at the butterfly garden and posted his observations and photos on  http://leplog.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/convalescence-with-butterflies/

Long-tailed Skipper. Rick Borchelt photographer.